Some day, this website will be glorious. That day has yet to come.
Where am I?
Welcome to Sergiovan's personal website. This is where I (also Sergiovan) fuck around with webdev and show off what I do.

I maintain this website sporadically, so don't expect things to be up-to-date or, in fact, working at all.

This is the "home" tab. The "projects" tab has some links to other bits of this website and other things I have done.
Where to find me:
Hover link for more info.
Find all repositories of my abandonded definitely alive projects.

I don't have the most time in the world to work on them but rest assured the starred projects are getting done, albeit slowly.

I also have a bitbucket account but I don't use it anymore.
I play games occasionally, and this is mostly where. Beware though, I'm almost always offline.

I also have a bunch of other accounts on other services (Bad Games, GoG, etc.) but I barely use them so they're not worth mentioning.
Wanna chat? Probably not. But if you do, you can find me on Discord through this handle.
Come read me spew random bullshit on the daily. Nothing said here is supposed to be taken seriously.
My youtube channel where sometimes I upload stuff. Or not. Up to me, really.
Some friend made a mastodon instance and asked me to join, so here I am. A little bit (but not much) more serious than the twitter account.
Not looking for jobs atm.
All bets are off here. Anything goes. Please don't make me mark you as spam, thanks.

Use this to report anything strange you see in here. I might even get to it at some point.

In case it wasn't clear, replace '^' with '@' and ',' with '.' to get the real email.
Hover link for more info.
Compiler for a C-inspired made up language. Currently what I'm working on-and-off on.

I will finish this project, because it keeps appearing in my dreams. I must finish this project. I must.

Should sprawl into several projects later on.
Coming eventuallyâ„¢ to a website near you. If I don't forget.
An old bot written in js that monitored a steam chat for many shenanigans.

This project is dead, as the steam chat it used to live in is also defunct.
A new bot written in js that monitors a discord server for many shenanigans.

While this project is ongoing, there's not a lot of work to be done for it so it receives updates sporadically.
My first foray into making a language. This one is a pretty specific DSL for an RPG of sorts.

This project is unfinished and buggy but done. No more work will go into it, nn succeeds it spiritually.
Show off your anger to people online via a link to a stranger's site. Easy every time.
A little animation I made for a mini-puzzle.
Well... You're looking at it now.

Warning: Clicking the link will play a sound.
Frustrated by the world of online tierlist makers, I made my own little tool.

Nothing to publish; just you, your tiers and your items. Remember to take a screenshot afterward!